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Sierra 3 door - Sydney

PostPosted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 5:06 pm
by Xr4ti
I will have a Sierra 3 door for sale, viewing available at or after the All Ford Day in Sydney. Its a Turbo XR4Ti (not a Cosworth or XR4i) its pretty rare - I believe less than 10 of them in Aust (well I know of 9 of them - there could be more). Orginal spec 2.3 Turbo - was 130KW in its day.
Newly painted (red) , new clutch, New P6 rubber (same as orginal spec) , tidy but not concourse, 5 speed. Its a Merkur but RHD - I am the 3rd Owner. It's not a give away but nor is it cossie $$$. Think of it as an alternative to a RS2000!

Gen interest by PM please.

Photos will be posted in a few weeks as the car is in storage.