RS Motorsport

RS Motorsport is about the preservation and enjoyment of Escort’s, Cortina’s and other SmallFords from the classic era of motorsport, namely the 60′s, 70′s and early 80′s. As youngsters many of us grew up listening to BDA engined Escorts thunder through the forests, or watched Lotus Cortina’s roar on the racetracks.

Many of these cars have since disappeared into folk law, but an ever increasing number are being lovingly restored to their former glory for enthusiasts to relive their past successes. The many historic race clubs are full of newly prepared and competitive cars, as well as those original cars who have managed to survive the passages of time.

And that’s where RS Motorsport comes in. The aim is to locate, restore and enjoy those original cars from those bygone days. And as part of the restoration process, RSM has accumulated much rare and genuine Ford technical information covering the various models from the 1960′s through to the 1980′s. Over time I plan to put as much of this information as possible up on the site to help other enthusiasts with their own projects.

Please take the time to explore the site – there’s plenty to read & see. There’s full details on the cars in the RSM stable, lots of Ford Factory Technical info plus User Info taken from years of dealing with Escorts & Cortinas. And there’s the RS Motorsport¬†Forums. Register today and join in the discussion on a wide range of topics.

I hope you enjoy the site. Feedback, whether good or bad is always appreciated, so if you have something to say then please send me a mail with your comments.

Neville Bertwistle